Nasdaq ESG Lead Crowe on Challenges of Carbon Accounting at Palm Beach CorpGov Forum - Video - CorpGov
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Nasdaq ESG Lead Crowe on Challenges of Carbon Accounting at Palm Beach CorpGov Forum – Video
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Nasdaq ESG Lead Crowe on Challenges of Carbon Accounting at Palm Beach CorpGov Forum – Video


Sarah Crowe, ESG / Sustainability Channel Lead at Nasdaq, explains the challenges of “carbon accounting” and that companies face hard work when assessing climate risk. To truly measure such risk, companies need to go up the supply chain and then downstream to their end customers, she says.

CorpGovThe Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association and Nasdaq, Inc. hosted the first Palm Beach CorpGov Forum on Sept. 30 for an in-person event featuring investors, attorneys and other advisors who have consulted on board intelligence and the most prominent activism campaigns in recent years. A complete report with more videos can be found here.

Ms. Crowe also contributed the following:

Spotlight: Sarah Crowe, Nasdaq

ESG and ESG data have increasingly become an important resource for investors seeking performance indicators, but also for companies trying to increase operational efficiency, decrease resource dependency, and attract new customers and employees. As a financial technology company serving corporate clients, Nasdaq’s Corporate Platforms support our clients along their ESG journey. This includes not just technology, but also ESG sdvisory services to help corporate clients understand and prioritize the right investments for their specific situation.

In alignment with our purpose of championing inclusive growth and prosperity, we now offer our newly-listed companies ESG tools and resources to help them begin to develop strategy and muscle memory around ESG practices and reporting. Nasdaq helps young and mature companies alike make sense of the proliferation of ESG data and address segment-specific demands. We additionally serve boards and leadership teams with a comprehensive suite of governance tools that optimize collaboration efforts and streamline compliance processes to drive ESG excellence.

Sarah Russell Crowe is a sustainability and corporate social responsibility leader with a passion for helping organizations align and achieve their business and sustainability goals. Having thoughtfully led ESG work in-house for corporations and external consulting across sectors, she now guides Nasdaq’s clients through the ever-evolving ESG reporting landscape. Through Nasdaq’s OneReport, she empowers organizations to define and own their ESG narrative. Sarah has deep expertise in energy and climate, and holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas as well as BAs in Economics and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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