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BuildESG Adds ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) Reporting Feature to its ESG Insights Platform
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BuildESG Adds ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) Reporting Feature to its ESG Insights Platform

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BuildESG, the member-based ESG insights platform for leading limited partners, private equity and venture capital firms and portfolio companies, has formed a strategic partnership with the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) to allow members to submit data directly to the EDCI via its platform. As one of the few tech platforms connected to the EDCI, BuildESG creates an effortless experience for members to collect, report and analyze their ESG data per EDCI metrics.

BuildESG simplifies the complexity of ESG for alternative investors by blending its software platform and access to its in-house ESG experts into an affordable, membership-based model.

Membership features include:

  • Data-driven ESG insights and benchmarking for alternative investors and portfolio companies.
  • Instant access to its ratings of over 100 representative general partners.
  • Purpose-built and fluid workflow management software designed for the private equity and venture capital community.
  • Access to a team of 50 ESG industry leaders and sector specialists with strong track records.
  • Training and education tailored to the specific ESG development level of asset managers.
  • A rapidly growing repository of data-driven content and thought leadership.

BuildESG provides ready-to-launch ESG programs and assessments, direct support and personalized solutions from our team of ESG leaders and customizable customer and investor reporting options, allowing alternative investors and their portfolios to quickly improve operations, optimize their ESG strategies, mitigate risk and signal maturity and resilience to customers and enterprises. BuildESG empowers its members to leverage ESG as a high-potential growth lever rather than to view it as a compliance obligation. BuildESG’s members include alternative investors, such as limited partners, private equity firms and venture capital firms, their portfolio companies and independently owned small and medium-sized businesses.

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About BuildESG

BuildESG is a membership-based intelligence platform. BuildESG provides actionable, evidence-based ESG insights for alternative investors and SMBs with leading software and ESG experts. For over 20 years, BuildESG’s subsidiaries have provided trusted ESG advisory services to the Fortune 500 and global private equity firms. BuildESG has offices in New York; Greenwich, Conn.; and Berkeley, Calif.


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