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Green Chef Strengthens Sustainability Commitment with Launch of Plastic Offset Program
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Green Chef Strengthens Sustainability Commitment with Launch of Plastic Offset Program

First and Only Meal Kit Brand to Offset 100 Percent of Its Direct Carbon Emissions and Plastic from Every Box Sold

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Chef, the first-ever USDA-certified organic company in meal kits, announced today a new plastic offset program with Plastic Bank, one of the leading organizations working towards reducing ocean plastics and providing work opportunities for people living in impoverished areas. In an effort to lessen the environmental impact of its meal kits and neutralize its plastic footprint, Green Chef is partnering with Plastic Bank to offset more plastic than what is used in every box while supporting conservation efforts in developing countries. Through this partnership, Green Chef is leveraging Plastic Bank’s presence in Southeast Asia to help fuel the removal of littered plastics from some of the world’s most polluted beaches. Plastic Bank provides residents in these communities with rewards like cash, digital tokens, school tuition or health insurance in exchange for collected plastics. Plastic Bank then recycles the plastics into raw materials that will be used to manufacture new goods.

Founded on the philosophy of being a “green” and sustainable meal kit company, Green Chef has introduced several industry-leading initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its meal kits. Since inception, Green Chef offsets 100 percent of the carbon emissions generated from its operations, travel, and shipping. In addition, Green Chef is the first meal kit brand to introduce ClimaCell in its packaging, a highly effective bio-based insulation that is easily recycled curbside. The launch of the new plastic offset program supports Green Chef’s ongoing effort to make its product more sustainable while working towards a longer-term solution for primary food packaging.

“At Green Chef, we are continuously working to bolster our commitment to stewardship so that our customers can be confident they are making the most sustainable choice available,” said Brian Popper, Chief Operating Officer at Green Chef. “We balance critical customer requirements for food quality and safety against the commercial packaging options available for food, and we recognize there is significant work remaining to be done in this area. We’re proud to become the first plastic neutral meal kit brand while we continue to work towards more sustainable food packaging solutions.”

In April 2019, the University of Michigan released a study* which found that meal kits have a 25% lower carbon footprint than the same meals purchased at a grocery store. Due to a streamlined supply chain that reduces food waste and greenhouse gas emissions, meal kits were deemed a more sustainable option when looking at every step of the process, from dirt to the doorstep.

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