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The Western Union Foundation Releases 2018 Global Impact Report
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The Western Union Foundation Releases 2018 Global Impact Report

Total Investments increase support for more than 820,000 individuals
across 137 countries

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the Western
Union Foundation
announces the release of its global 2018
Impact Report
. The report highlights key philanthropic programs
making significant strides to connect underserved populations to the
global economy through workforce training, WU Scholars, disaster relief
and employee engagement.

“We are guided by the belief that education is the surest pathway to
creating economic opportunity that is inclusive for all,” Executive
Director of the Western Union Foundation, Elizabeth Roscoe said. “Our
mission is fueled by this principle. The Western Union Foundation, along
with Western Union employees, agents and customers are proud of our
global reach, and together strive to lift up vulnerable populations,
giving them the tools to succeed in the global economy.”

  • Workforce
    The Western Union Foundation’s signature workforce
    training program, Education for Better has committed to provide 50,000
    migrants, refugees, women and youth with transformational 21st century
    job skills by the year 2020. The multi-year commitment is supported by
    strategic partnerships and programs with 53 non-governmental
    organizations, including Education
    for Employment
    , Junior
    , Re:Coded,
    With a Ball
    and the Whitaker
    Peace & Development Initiative
    . In total, the Education for
    Better initiative has provided educational opportunities for more than
    100,000 individuals since inception.
  • WU
    In its second year, WU Scholars, a global scholarship
    program continued support for students pursuing a post-secondary
    education in the areas of science, technology, engineering,
    mathematics (STEM), business and entrepreneurship. In 2018, 164
    scholarships were awarded to students across 56 countries based on
    their accomplishments and personal goals related to the program’s
    three pillars: perseverance, aspiration, and community.
  • Disaster
    In 2018, the Western Union Foundation in collaboration
    with the Western Union company, its employees, agents, and customers,
    responded to 13
    affecting communities around the world. Through
    collaborations with the International
    Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    , Save
    The Children
    , International
    Rescue Committee
    and American
    Red Cross
    we have provided aid to communities in need.
  • Employee
    A record 84% of Western Union employees from around
    the world chose to finically support the Foundation’s work in 2018.
    Their support also came in the form of more than 15,000 volunteer

“The Western Union Foundation could not be as ambitious or effective if
Western Union’s global workforce didn’t wholeheartedly share our
passion,” Chief Compliance Officer and Chair of the Western Union
Foundation Board, Jacqueline Molnar said. “Through the Foundation’s
work, we have been able to positivity impact the lives of 11,600 people
in 2018, by comparison nearly the same number of employees who work at
Western Union.”

To learn more about the Western Union Foundation visit our website
To view the 2018 Impact Report in its entirety, visit:

About the Western Union Foundation

The Western Union Foundation believes that education is one of the
surest pathways to economic opportunity. Through collaborations with
NGOs around the world, the Foundation has embarked on a mission to
connect 50,000 migrants, refugees, women and youth to the global economy
through demand-driven skills training and workforce enablement programs
by 2020. The Foundation also offers a global scholarship program that
helps put a post-secondary education in reach for in-need students
studying in the STEM fields and business. To date, more than $119
million has been given to fund projects affecting more than 820,000
people in 137 countries across the globe, including disaster relief for
communities in crisis. The Western Union Foundation is a separate
charitable corporation that is tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) of the US
Internal Revenue Code, and receives support from The Western Union
Company, its employees, agents and business partners. Contributions to
the Foundation are tax-deductible for US income tax purposes. To learn
more, visit
or follow us on Twitter @TheWUFoundation.


Rachel Rogala, Western Union
+1 (303) 808-2674,

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