CorpGov is dedicated to objective journalism to report and analyze today’s most important corporate governance issues. In an era when misinformation is rampant, we aspire to distinguish between truth and falsehood, along with opportunity and risk.

All articles publish immediately here as well as Yahoo Finance through a content partnership. We have a similar agreement with Bloomberg where article links appear on Bloomberg Terminals.

In particular, CorpGov will take on issues from the perspective of board directors and senior executives. While the views of activist shareholders are important, we strive to incorporate more material that offers a window into the boardroom itself. We will not produce paid research on behalf of companies but will use publicly-available information, interviews with companies, and input from various stakeholders to formulate our views.

CorpGov’s content is divided into three sections:

Analysis – Our marquee material consisting of analysis and breaking news that’s not available anywhere else
Editorial – Opinion or commentary pieces submitted to CorpGov along with Q&A-style interviews with key executives, attorneys, and investment bankers
NatGov – A collaboration between CorpGov and The Native Society profiling influential business founders and CEOs, with an emphasis on corporate governance


John Jannarone, Editor-in-Chief

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