CorpGov is dedicated to objective journalism to report and analyze today’s most important corporate governance issues.

All articles publish immediately here as well as Yahoo Finance through a content partnership. We have a similar agreement with Bloomberg where article links appear on Bloomberg Terminals (type NI CORPGOV <GO>).

In particular, CorpGov will take on issues from the perspective of board directors and senior executives. While the views of activist shareholders are important, we strive to incorporate more material that offers a window into the boardroom itself. We will not produce paid research on behalf of companies but will use publicly-available information, interviews with companies, and input from various stakeholders to formulate our views.

CorpGov’s content is divided into three sections:

Editorial – Our marquee material consisting of analysis and breaking news, commentary pieces submitted to CorpGov, and Q&A-style interviews with key executives, attorneys, and investment bankers

Webinars – Live, sponsored events featuring experts and advisors

Premium – Downloadable materials that simply require users to enter contact information (free of charge)


John Jannarone, Editor-in-Chief

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