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Zeta Global Refutes Short-Seller Attack From The Bear Cave
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Zeta Global Refutes Short-Seller Attack From The Bear Cave

By Alan Hatfield

Zeta Global (NYSE: ZETA) today responded to commentary recently published by short-seller blog The Bear Cave. Zeta said in a statement there was “an abundance of mischaracterizations drawing from baseless speculation, opinion, and currently irrelevant inferences.”

The company said its Zeta Marketing Platform was built “from the ground up,” and has been recognized as a leader in multiple Forrester Wave reports due to the hundreds of enterprise customers, including 33% of the Fortune 100, that have deployed the company’s platform since 2019.

Zeta’s publishing network is embedded on millions of websites, with no single site making up more than 1% of total traffic, it said in the statement. The company’s commenting platform, Disqus, is utilized to foster community conversation and engagement by millions of publishers and contradicts claims that the company discriminates on the range of websites that it serves, it said.

A prior “material weakness” disclosed in relation to Zeta’s fiscal 2020 audit has been fully remediated by the company, as referenced in the company’s 2021 annual report recently filed with the SEC, Zeta said.

“The Zeta executive team continues to operate the company on the basis of maintaining strong financial fundamentals, with a balance of profitability and growth, as we look ahead to the future,” it said in the statement.



Alan Hatfield, Director of Research


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