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3M Announces 100% Global Renewable Electricity Goal with Headquarters Campus Converting to all Renewables Immediately
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3M Announces 100% Global Renewable Electricity Goal with Headquarters Campus Converting to all Renewables Immediately

Builds on Recent Pledge to Integrate Sustainability into All New
Products This Year, Joins RE100, Partners with Xcel Energy, Inc.

ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–3M CEO Mike Roman today announced the global manufacturing and
technology company is committed to move to 100 percent renewable
electricity in all its facilities around the world, beginning with its
own headquarters tomorrow.

“3M is flipping the switch to becoming powered 100% by renewable
energy,” said 3M CEO Mike Roman. “We are continuing to step up our
leadership toward a more sustainable future – in our own operations, and
in solutions for our customers.”

3M becomes the largest company in Xcel Energy Inc’s service area across
eight Western and Midwestern states to convert to 100 percent renewable
electricity. 3M’s St. Paul global headquarters is a 409-acre campus with
about 12,000 employees across 30 buildings and research labs.

3M’s transition to 100 percent renewable electricity at its headquarters
will increase the company’s total global renewable electricity sourcing
by more than 5 percent to approximately 30 percent and further help the
company reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 3M has recorded a 68 percent
absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2002, while nearly
doubling its revenue.

“We applaud 3M’s leadership in making a bold commitment to 100%
renewable energy. Xcel Energy is proud to partner with 3M, because we
both share a drive to innovate and a commitment to reducing carbon
emissions and protecting the environment,’’ said Chris Clark, president,
Xcel Energy-Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Committing to 100 percent renewable electricity is part of 3M’s
strategic focus on science for climate with the aspiration to innovate
to decarbonize industry, accelerate global climate solutions and improve
the company’s environmental footprint.

As part of the global goal, 3M is joining RE100, a global leadership
initiative, led by The Climate Group in partnership with Carbon
Disclosure Project (CDP) that brings together influential businesses
committed to sourcing 100 percent renewable power for their worldwide

3M is committed to the move to sourcing 100 percent of electricity from
renewable sources and has set an interim target to source at least 50
percent of its electricity from renewables by 2025.

“By joining RE100 and switching to 100% renewable electricity globally,
3M is building sustainability into its business growth strategy and
showing the two go hand-in-hand,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO of The
Climate Group. “Seeing such a large manufacturer commit to ‘go all in’
on renewables to produce sustainable new products is an encouraging step
forward. Big brands like this can influence positive action from other
companies and customers and accelerate the clean energy transition
around the world.”

As a global manufacturing and technology company that produces thousands
of diverse products, 3M is committed to accelerating global renewable
energy adoption and to transparently sharing progress along the way.

3M also recently announced an increased commitment to build
Sustainability into the pipeline that produces its thousands of products
and technologies. At the UN Climate Conference (COP24) in December, 3M
introduced its first formal requirement that a Sustainability Value
Commitment be included in all new products introduced beginning in 2019.

At the same time as 3M converts its operations to wind and solar power,
the company continues to support the global renewable energy sector by
producing solutions for customers that improve the reliability and
efficiency of renewable energy, including solar and wind. Last year
alone 3M’s products helped customers avoid more than 13 million tons of
greenhouse gas emissions.

3M has been a strong and committed business citizen in the State of
Minnesota for more than 116 years. The announcement represents an
important milestone in 3M’s valued partnership with Xcel Energy.

The majority of the power for 3M’s headquarters will be supplied by Xcel
wind farms located near Pipestone, Minnesota. Additional electricity
will come through the wind projects that are part of Xcel’s Windsource
program and solar sources.

3M has been a leader in environmental sustainability practices for
decades. In 1975 we instituted our Pollution Prevention Pays program
that has prevented over five billion pounds of air, water and waste
pollution and has created $2.2 billion in savings. 3M’s ambitious
2025 goals
include reducing water usage, impacting climate and
energy targets. The company has been listed on the Dow Jones
Sustainability Index for 19 consecutive years.

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About Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy (NASDAQ: XEL) provides the
energy that powers millions of homes and businesses across eight Western
and Midwestern states. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company is an
industry leader in responsibly reducing carbon emissions and producing
and delivering clean energy solutions from a variety of renewable
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